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Types of services

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Great location and high-quality services

High-quality services and products

Innovation dental studio has unique customer relations with the dentists to provide proper patient treatment options. We are proud to meet the dental industry’s high expectations for technical skills, customer services as well as great products. We always try to deliver the best service to our valuable customers using the highest available dental technologies.

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Registered dental technologists

What does a dental laboratory do?

A dental laboratory is where registered dental technologists work. RDTs are regulated health care professionals whose scope of practice includes the health cares, construction or repair of dental prosthetic and orthodontic devices. The primary responsibilities of a dental lab are following instructions and requirements of the patient's prescription.

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Over 10 years experience

Our partners

To bring outstanding services to our clients, Innovation Dental Studio is expanding our network of partners. Our partners are specially chosen and carefully considered before being approved. Partners collaborate with Innovation Dental Studio on the best way to make reasonable expenses, and provide top quality products and services.